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Saturday—News From the Trustee

Sleep tight, rest easy, and come out fighting.  ~ Addison DeWitt, All About Eve (1950)

Sell The House & Rent A Hut
Seriously.  It's an enormous task to manage a house after someone dies.

•  Is it paid for?
•  Is the homeowner's insurance up-to-date?
•  Don't look now, but you're in charge of maintaining someone else's entire home.
•  What repairs are needed?  Carpet, fresh paint, plumbing, roof's a long list.
•  If the thought of cleaning out your own garage is daunting, how'd you like to add another one?
•  Got bikes, cars, and lots of junk?  You just inherited more.
•  Oh goodie, more yard work!
•  I hope you love crappy furniture and cheap art, because you're getting a house full of it.
•  What if all of the heirs live out-of-state?
•  Can you put your life on hold so that you can deal with your parent's house?

The heirs can always sell the house, but that's actually even more work because the house has to be cleaned out a…