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Saturday—News from The Trustee

And, the beat goes on...

House News
I spent last week at the PadWay house scrubbing the kitchen cupboards and getting rid of more junk.  The underwire in my bra gave out, and I was down to a can of mystery brand coffee from the garage, but the place looks a lot better.

These days, I'm on a first-name basis with Deseret Industries.  They got more furniture and several more boxes of stuff labeled, "misc household items."  I started cleaning out my dad's shed and discovered the rest of my grandmother's souvenir cup collection.  When she passed away, my dad left part of her collection to me, but I've always wondered what happened to the rest of it.  Hard to believe those delicate pieces sat out in his shed packed in newspaper for over a decade.  It was especially nice to get them back to BC, clean them, and return them to their rightful place with the rest of the collection.

Advice from the trustee:  Keep treasured collections together

I spent a couple of hours wi…