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Sunday—Katharine the Great White

Tracking the ocean's apex predators

Track your favorite Great White shark with this cool live tracker sponsored by the non-profit oceanic research group, OCEARCH.

Click HERE to see how far my favorite sharky galpal, Katharine, has traveled since she was captured and tagged off of Cape Cod on 19 August 2013.  

Find individual sharks in the pulldown menu by clicking next to ALL SHARKS.  Betsy is another popular favorite who is also currently parked in the Gulf of Mexico.

Named after Katharine Lee Bates, an American songwriter who wrote the words to, America The Beautiful, Katharine the Great White tips the scales at 2,300 pounds and measures over 14 feet.  Katharine's favorite foods are seal kabobs and sushi.

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Kat, as she is known by her friends, spent the winter and early spring off the coasts of Jacksonville, Florida, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach.  To date she has traveled 4,897 miles.  Since then, she has been hugging th…