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Tuesday's Cupboard—Spring Veggie Tart

The best of spring veggies in this easy & delicious tart!

Adapted from Weight Watchers Magazine_March/April 2014

Spring Veggie Tart
1 14-oz. can artichoke bottoms in water, chopped 2 large leeks, cleaned & sliced 1/4" thick 1/2 lb. baby red potatoes, cleaned & sliced 1/4" thick 1 c. baby carrots, sliced on the diagonal 1 c. grape tomatoes, halved 1/2 tsp. kosher salt

1 frozen deep-dish pie crust, thawed Olive-oil PAM

Cheese topping:
1 c. lowfat ricotta cheese 1/2 c. grated pecorino cheese 1/4 c. chopped fresh basil (cut into 1/4" ribbons) 3 T. chopped fresh chives

1.  Preheat oven to 425°F.  Line large baking sheet with parchment paper.
2.  Mix artichokes, leeks, potatoes & carrots in a large microwavable bowl.  
3.  Cover with plastic wrap & zap on HIGH for 10 minutes until veggies are tender (stir halfway at 5 minutes).
4.  Stir in tomatoes & kosher salt.
5.  Meanwhile, place the pie crust on the baking sheet & let thaw.  Flatten & crimp a 3/…