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The Saturday Trust—The Human Factor

Navigating the human obstacles 

Of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing can be made.  ~Immunuel Kant

325 days into my dad's trust, I am a certified expert on getting things done...Really, I have actual certificates that show the timeline of work that I've done since my dad passed away last November.  A handful of notarized documents gave me the authority to administer the unfinished business of his life—all of it, down to the last one thousandth of a cent.  When I signed a contract to serve as Successor Trustee the week after he died, I became a project manager.  Since then I have spent every day untangling the network of details that defined his everyday activities.

Hell is other people.  ~ Jean-Paul Satre

Trustworthiness is at the core of this job, and it is the molten center from which the trust evolves.  I refer to it as the molten center because there is nothing easy about creating a trust or carrying out its administration after the original trustee dies.  A tr…