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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday: Good for You, Good for the Home—Inside Out Wrap!

For all of that out-of-control wrapping paper!

Holiday Things I Love

This is a variation on the toilet paper roll trick, except this time I used the inner cardboard roll of wrapping paper.  Just loosen it up a little to hold the rolled up loose paper.  A neat way to reuse those paper tubes, and it works like a charm!

A neat way to reuse the inside cardboard tubes from wrapping paper!

Wednesday—Good For You, Good for The Home: Umbrellas!

Wonderful quality umbrellas from the San Francisco Umbrella Company

Holiday Things I Love

I found these very cool umbrellas on Amazon Smile Prime!  First, you choose your own charity on Amazon Smile, then add free shipping with Amazon Prime (1-year subscription is $99).

A super deal for $39.95 regular price, but many are on sale right now for $34.31!  I just got another one because it has a cat print on it.  There are several cat designs & colors, as well as a surprisingly large selection of dog breed designs.  And, if you're not looking for house pets, they also have pigs, giraffes, owls, and penguins.  Ooo, love that one-click shopping!

Styling with this reindeer umbrella!

One of several cat umbrellas
On sale now for $34.31 on Amazon Prime

On sale now for $21.48 on Amazon Prime!