Friday's Gallery—Photoshop Lessons #7—Editing in PS Adobe Camera Raw

A neat editing method in Photoshop!

Check out this before and after image edited in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).  Scroll over my practice image below.

[In Photoshop]  Go to File > Open a jpeg > from the format menu, select "camera raw" > Click "Open" >  Voilà!  You are ready to edit in ACR mode.

Use the tools in the menu below the histogram to edit your photo.  The first roundish flower icon is the basic panel.  Adjust each setting using the sliders.

Experiment with the lighting tools in the upper left side of your screen to adjust the luminance, saturation & hue.

Have fun experimenting with these handy editing tools!  A few tips...
  • Double-click on the individual sliders to reset 
  • Use the auto white balance in the basic panel to set the white and black points
  • The "Preview" button will show a before and after image of your edits
  • Move into Photoshop by clicking "Open Image" at the bottom of your screen
  • Click "Done" after you have saved your image.  Think of this as a "quit" button.

Photo by Kim Klassen_ACR edits by dsmp

Neat, huh?

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