The Photoshop Gallery—Chalkboard FX

Experimenting with the chalkboard effect in PS 

Fun with Chalk FX

I used the techniques in this fun tutorial by SNF Fontaholic.  The trick is to duplicate the original lines of text each time you apply the Photoshop filters.  The erased blurry backgrounds are separate layers for each line of font.  I flipped the blurs and placed them slightly off angle behind the text.

I created 6 text layers for this piece.  For each layer of text, I duplicated the original, then applied 2 layers of PS filters, a motion blur and a chalk & charcoal filter.  I tweaked the opacity and fill, then used an eraser on the chalk & charcoal layer to create the grayed grunge effect.  Then, I stamped all of the layers and applied a noise texture.

Click HERE for a great selection of free chalk fonts and chalkboard backgrounds from, Ishouldbemoppingthefloor by blogger/designer Kristi.  

Chalk Magic & Film Noise textures by Kim Klassen
Quote by Alan Watts, English Philosopher

The one below was finished off in RadLab to get that cool subdued, slightly off-white tone.  The author's name was placed behind the text by dragging the layers down the layer stack.  Lots of fun!  Now, I have to go find some cool banner brushes & frames to give it a finished vintage look.

The Finishing Touch

The subtle white edges were created with a finishing technique I use all the time.  To begin, make sure that your black & white default is set to white.  Then, use the rectangular marquee to drag a thin rectangle around the inside edge of the image > from the Select tool in the upper menu, click "inverse" > then, Control + click in the middle of the image to bring up the feather menu > feather on 24 > then, select "solid color" white from the New Adjustment Layer at the bottom of the stack (a half white, half black sphere).  Adjust the opacity down for a subtle glow around the edge.

Thanks to the font artists who generously provided free downloads on

Fonts:  Sandwich Paper by Janam_Vintage One by Jake Luedecke
Beyond Wonderland by Chris Hansen_Chalk hand lettering by
KG Makes You Stronger by Kimberly Geswein

Have a creative weekend!

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