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Supplies for estate planning

Planner + Password Journal + Fire Safe = The Basics

The Right Stuff
Here are links to the items that I am using in my own estate planning.  There are lots of useful products online, and you can customize your own notebooks and gather all of the information yourself, but these no-hassle products are reasonably complete and available online.

Estate Planner
Password Journals

Nice size:  4.5" x 8" (easier for writing)
Alphabetical tabs
Hard cover
Reasonable price

For a smaller size, there is not much to choose from if you want alphabetical tabs.  From experience, I can tell you that it really helps to have the alphabetical tabs.  However, if you want a journal that will fit easily into your purse or briefcase & share the desktop without taking up a lot of room, I use this little spiral-bound book from BookFactory®.

Fire-Proof Chest

A Word About Password Journals

Be sure to order 2 password journals!  You'll need one for everyday personal use and one to keep as a backup.  Keep the backup in a fire safe at home, and be sure to keep both journals up-to-date.

My dad kept a list of his passwords in his safe deposit box at the bank.  Without access to that list, I would not have been able to access any of his online accounts, particularly his financial records.  A successor trustee needs immediate access to funds in order to pay the immediate household and funeral expenses, so password access is VERY IMPORTANT.

Based on experience, there are 2 problems with keeping passwords in a bank safe deposit box.
  1. It is a lot harder to keep the passwords up-to-date
  2. Immediate access (i.e. bank holidays, banking hours, frozen account)
So, keep your password journals safely stored at home in a location known only by you and your successor trustee.  

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