Friday Photoshop Gallery: Color Play & More

My pix from Kim Klassen's 2B class_Lesson 11_Color Play & More

Color Swatches 
I started with this...

This year's pretty red camellias
 First pass in PS & Lightroom:  

I cropped the photo & tweaked the basic settings in LR.  This is a trick I learned at PS World to set everything to dark, then slowly drag up the white setting to boost the contrast.  Then, I added a texture by Kim Klassen called, "Daisy."

I am also studying an artistic method called, chiaroscuro, which is the study of strong contrasts between light & shadow.  It's a technique used in Renaissance paintings.  

A study of chiaroscuro

This was Lesson 11 on creating color swatches in PS.  I used the Camelia photo above & converted it to sepia with a LR filter.  All but the blue swatch are shades taken from the photo.

The font is called, Big Caslon by Matthew Carter (1994) which came with my Mac OS.

This is Kim's lesson on creating a hazy, sunwashed effect.  This involves tweaking the shadow curves in LR.

Have a colorful weekend!

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