Good for You, Good for Facebook Stickers

In case you are wondering where I am getting all of those cute facebook stickers...they're free!

Here's How You Get 'Em
(FYI, the fb Help instructions are not up-to-date)

1.  Click the little gray smiley face in the lower right corner of the comment box.

Look for the light gray smiley face next to the camera icon

2.  Click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the sticker panel to open up the complete sticker store.

The moods panel will automatically pop up when you click the smiley icon.
Click on the "+" in the upper right corner to see the complete
sticker store selection.
3.  Click "Preview" to see the individual menus.
3.5 Click "Free"to automatically load to your fb.

The store has a much better selection than the moods menu.
To see if a sticker is animated (e.g. Pusheen), scroll over the stickers with your cursor.

4.  To remove stickers, return to the store & click the "Remove" button.
I LOVE Pusheen, so I would never remove this sticker set!
I did remove some foul-mouthed chickens...hahahaha, get it?
I stickers

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