Good for You, Good for The Home—Donate Luggage Now!

Spread the love during the week of love by donating your gently used luggage to a Briggs & Riley store before March 1.

Clean Out the Closet 

A great idea from Briggs & Riley luggage!

I got this offer in my email this morning from Briggs & Riley, my favorite luggage brand.  Between February 13 & March 1... 

  • Bring in a B&R rolling bag & receive a $100 credit toward the purchase of a new one.
  • Bring in a non-B&R rolling bag & receive a $50 credit toward the purchase of a new B&R rolling bag.

 Trade-in and purchase must occur on the same day.
 Condition standards for trade-ins are up to the individual retailers. 

Click HERE to check the list of participating retailers.

"Gently-used" means no rips, no broken zippers, no icky stuff

My dream international carry-on spinner set
from Briggs & Riley
Luggage is needed by foster homes, women's shelters, and family care facilities like Ronald McDonald house chapters.  I happen to have a lot of leftover bags from those college years when my kids were constantly moving.  

These bags are still in good shape, and they take up a lot of room.  Briggs & Riley bags are top-shelf quality bags that come with a lifetime guarantee

This is a good opportunity to clean out your non-rolling bags, as well.  Contact your local shelter or foster home and ask if they take donations of gently-used luggage.

Show the love this month  ❤     

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