Monday—The Vintage Valentine Corner

From my collection of vintage Valentine postcards

i ❤️ vintage valentines

By Raphael Tuck & Sons
Valentine PostCard Series No. 6 Innocence Abroad
Art Publishers to Their Majesties The King & Queen
Printed in Saxony
"Presented by P. SY. Swofford, Seattle, Orn. 
to Allie Jordan Swofford, Orn."

A Big Valentine Wish & a Double-Sided Valentine

"A Big Valentine Wish — Bringing Love from Me to You"  
—From: Lola & Louise Blue To: Charlotte Weber


"It's not because of paper lace
Or posies hearts and things,
I hope you like this Valentine
But for the love it brings"

—Miss Stedman from Erma and Richard, 1931

Modern telephones!
Made in the U.S.A.
"My Valentine
He—Please give me your number, I'll call you some day.
She—O.K. FEB-14-T-H
For that's Sweetheart's Day."


Whitney Made, Worcester, Mass_Made in USA

"My Valentine

I'm just a girl can't you
My heart's as loving as
can be"

—Mrs. Little, From Lucille A.

An expression of true love

"A Token of Love

Love is like a river, 
Swelling as it goes;
Like an open giver,
But the richer grows.
So to thee, my darling, 
My love forever flows!"



"My Heart Grows LARGER 
Full of Love for You"

A cute interactive movable acorn

"I'd go nutty over you for my 

—Lucille from Alice Mae

From Nauvoo, Illinois 1922
Series No. 768_Comics 12 designs

A loving she heart for a true he one.
R.U. Willing"

"Dearest, I received my ring this a.m.
How are all of you, I am about half sick to-day.
Uncle Clark has gone to Cantril and Keasauqua.
Is Grandpa still there?  
Harry Sawyers was here to-day and Jen is awfully sick.
Write soon." 


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