Sunday—A Valentine Collage

I like the idea of creating a love collage like the one that Ray Eames made for her husband, Charles, on 7 September 1955

Love Art

To Charles Eames from his wife of 14 years, Ray
(Library o f Congress)

... C
... Black lace stockings Size 8-1/2
... Your welcome letter arrived yesterday
... And the beautiful Cartes Postales
... Steinbergs in Wellfleet MASS sent us a postcard
... So Happy about you and Paris
... I would like very short gloves size 6 or 6-1/4
... Kitty Hawk & the Wright Bros would be perfect background setting film for exhibition
... What I would like: Some perfume "Jolie Madame"
... Am working on Indian music for film
... Love Ray

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