Throwback Thursday—Paiute Dress 1926

Pix of my grandparents, Pearle Olinghouse & Uther Jones_Pioche, Nevada 1926

My grandparents were from Pioche and Caliente, Nevada, respectively.

89 Years Ago Near Pioche, Nevada

 Southern Paiute woman (Wish I knew her name)_My grandmother, Pearle Olinghouse
My grandfather, Uther Jones 

Eagle Valley Reservoir is about 20 miles east of Pioche.  The variegated feathers in his headdress are most likely eagle feathers, probably from a golden eagle.  They are both wearing braided wigs, so I'm not sure if the headbands are from the local tribe or if they came from some other area.

Her dress is consistent with traditional Paiute design.  The strapping around the base of each feather in the headdress would have been red.  Each feather represents an achievement in leadership or battle.  

The beading & leatherwork would have been in colors of red, blue & yellow

Interesting upright feather headband she is wearing.  

"Costumed" — My grandmother's handwriting
She is wearing a cradle board or papoose on her back

I love the traditional poses in these photos.  

They are both wearing moccasins
Happy Throw-back Thursday!

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