Good For You, Good For the Home—Custom Buttons!

I just ordered a 1.25 inch Tecre button maker

Custom button maker

My New Gadget FAQs

Q.  Why do I need one of these?
A.  Because I want to make 50 custom buttons for a wedding.

Q.  How much do these things cost?
A.  $263 on Etsy from ButtonBoyInc (about $281 incl shipping)

Interesting factoid:  ButtonBoyInc ships out of Las Vegas

Q.  What are the reviews?
A.  1,516 reviews—all 5 stars!  

Q.  What do you get with this kit?
A.  Supplies for 500 buttons + a 1.25 inch hand-held cutter

Q.  Where will I store it?
A.  In the cupboard with the laminator and the rubber stamp embosser

Q.  How does it work?
A.  Here's a really good video by Maria

Stay tuned for my update after it arrives.

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