Good for You, Good for The Home—One Drawer Challenge

Clean out one drawer this week!

My vanity junk drawer

Principles of Organization

  • Vision:  What do you want to see in the drawer?  Hair brushes, stationery, etc.  
  • Function:  What kind of drawer is it?  Is it a bathroom vanity drawer, a coffee table drawer, a kitchen drawer?
  • Zones:  Like things with like.  Personal belongings, for instance, live in a person's bedroom.  Rubber bands are office supplies & should be stored in the study or office.  Hair clips go in the vanity /bathroom area.  Tools go in the garage or in the utility drawer.  
  • Limits:  Put a limit on your supplies.  If you have too many socks, jeans, shoes or envelopes, it's time to thin out your supply. 
  • Expiration:  Get rid of anything that is expired.  Hotel soaps from a year ago, use them or throw them away.  
  • Share:  Let someone else enjoy your treasures.

Principles of Sorting

  • Keep, Give, Throw Away:  Before you start, set up boxes or bags for each.
  • If in doubt, say no:  It's okay to keep things that you like!
  • Is this a personal memento that I can pass on?  Reusables make wonderful, personalized gifts!  Ticket stubs, old letters, blank postcards from vacations, unused Post-Its, labeled pencils, colored pens, hotel stationery..It's really fun to put together meaningful collections of personal items.
  • Create a new space:  Move stuff from drawers to clear plastic bins on shelves.
  • Stop Hiding:  Treat yourself to inexpensive new storage containers & put regularly used items up top, on display and in sight.  Small baskets & plastic containers give any surface a clean, uncluttered look.

Get Real About Time

  • 2-Hour Rule:  Give yourself 2 hours to finish a drawer.  Work quickly, turn the ringer down on the phone, and close the door to the computer room.  
  • Schedule a reward at the end of your project!  Plan work times before logical quitting times.  Then, do something nice for yourself, e.g. a relaxing happy hour, a movie, or a cozy bubble bath.

1...2...3...Find a drawer & get started!

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