Saturday Special—Not Just an Ordinary Pi Day

A date and time combo accurate to the first 10 numbers of Pi

Happy Pi Day of the Century!

Today's date + 9:26 o'clock (am or pm) + 53 seconds
(Our Thanksgiving 2010 pumpkin pie)
It's irrational because the numbers never end or repeat.

Pi embodies the inherent order in a perfect circle (that's super elegant, if you ask me).

It's random & it's orderly at the same time.  It sits in the space between two things that cannot exist in the same space.  

It represents everything we don't get about the simplicity and the complexity of why things exist.

Read This: 
WHY Pi Matters by Steven Strogatz, Professor of Math at Cornell

Do This:
The Pi-Search Page  by Dave Andersen, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University

Find out where your favorite series of numbers appears in the Pi sequence

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