The Saturday Trust Final Edition

The end of the road

A page from Desert Challenge by Richard Lillard c.1942

✓  My Job Is Done

It is time to turn the page on the work that I've been doing since the day that my dad died in November 2013.  

The final trust taxes have been filed, and I will oversee any residual trust business for the next couple of years.  The work of administering the Jones Family Trust has reached a conclusion. 

Click HERE to go to the beginning of my journey as successor trustee.

Losses & Gains

I lost a parent and spent the majority of last year away from my home in California.  I gained quality time with my sister and my mom that probably would not have happened if my dad hadn't died.  

I lost a nagging sense of inadequacy and gained the confidence to tackle any problem, no matter how daunting.  

I lost the need to collect stuff and gained the satisfaction of knowing that possessions are meant to be shared and passed on, not kept until the day I die.

I gave up on trying to control my relationships—and gained clarity.

I let go of a misplaced sense of obligation to save people.  I gained a more balanced and realistic view of my own potential.

I lost whatever insecurities I had going into 2014—and gained certainty.

I let go of resentment and replaced it with uncompromising indifference.  

I stopped letting other people define my happiness.  I gained control.

One last time...

Thanks, Dad

Moving ahead

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