Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home: Glitter Paint!

An excellent way to add sparkle to your painted walls

Let's add some glitter!

Valspar Signature Paint Crystals

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What is it?
This is a fine crystalline silica that can be added to interior wall paint to create a subtle sparkling glittery effect.  It is specially formulated to be used with Valspar Signature Colors Granite texture finish & paints, but it can be used with any quality interior paint.  I'd recommend a low-gloss or glossy finish to enhance the sparkle effect.

It used to come in gold & silver, but it looks like Valspar has discontinued it in gold.  Ask your paint retailer if they happen to have any in stock, or check on Ebay.      

Where can I get it?
At Lowe's in the faux granite paint section.  

How is it applied?
Stir it into a can of paint for single use.  The glitter rises to the surface of the paint as it dries.  Be sure to apply it to a properly cleaned & prepped surface to ensure good adhesion.  No need to seal it with a top coat glaze.  

Can you paint over it?
Yes!  To be on the safe side and to seal it for suresy, I recommend using a primer before you apply new paint.  NO sanding necessary.   

It is not necessary to sand the surface, but if you do have to sand an small area (e.g. to repair a picture frame hole), wear a face mask and eye /skin protection.  You don't want to breathe the very fine dust or get it on your skin or in your eyes.  It's like fiberglass and will cause irritation.  

Kids & Pets
Like any paint product containing mineral or metallic additives, do not use it in areas accessible to children or animals who may lick or eat paint chips.  I would stay away from dry desert climates that are most susceptible to cracking or chipping paint.  Don't use it around pets who like to chew or claw surfaces in your home.  

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Have Fun!

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