Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Hummingbirds

Check out these cool hummingbird feeders available at Home Depot

It's Hummingbird Nesting Season
I found these neat hummingbird feeders online at Home Depot.  They are reasonably priced at $15.98 each, and each comes with a lovely brushed copper or brushed nickel hanger at the top.  

  • Click HERE for the clear feeder
  • Click HERE for the green feeder

Perky Pet antique bottle hummingbird feeder_$15.98

Avant Garden Antique Green Glass Hummingbird Feeder_$15.98

Feed the Hummers

Hummingbird Juice = 4 parts water to 1 part cane sugar

A resident hummer from my yard

  • Do not add red food color—It is not necessary to use red food coloring in the juice.  Hummers will have no trouble finding the feeders, and the red dye is bad for their teensy-weensy kidneys.  
  • I use baker's fine white cane sugar because it dissolves easily.  
  • Use plain tap water, not distilled.  Straight from the tap is fine.  No need to boil the water to remove microorganisms.  Tap water is already clean.       
  • Rinse feeders in hot water with every refill & inspect for black mold

Clean the Feeders
Clean your feeders once a month with 1/4 c. white vinegar to a gallon of water.  Do not use dishsoap.  Soak the feeders for an hour & rinse thoroughly with hot water.  Don't use the dishwasher.  There may be some residue from the dishwashing detergent left on the feeder.

Good Info

Have a lovely week!

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