Good For You, Good for The Home—Super-Easy Easter Ideas

Check out these fun ideas for Easter

Easy Easter Ideas 

"EB" Signature Easter Bunny by dsmp

These days I am all about doing things the easy way.  That's my 2015 Easter egg up there ⤴︎.  These would also be super-cute with brown eggs.  

  • Buy Egglands Best white eggs at the grocery store
  • Draw whiskers & bunny ears with a black Sharpie.  Done!

Check out these neat ideas 
from Pinterest!

Bunny Fold for Napkins by Martha Stewart Online

Secure the tucked corner with a piece of
ribbon, twine or raffia

How fun are these cute little guys?

Back of the finished bunny napkin

This is how it looks right before you tuck in the corners to finish

Fold the bottom corner up

Flip the napkin upside down and over
Ears at the bottom!
Fold the bottom edge toward the center of the napkin
to form the ears

Fold the ends along the center crease in the middle of the napkin

Fold a large square napkin in half, then in half again

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