Monday—15 Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Usage

Step up to the challenge of reducing energy usage in your home

Good Practice
When it's time to replace an appliance, choose an Energy Star® rated product.

Replace old household appliances with Energy Star® qualified new ones

Mostly FREE Ways to Reduce Energy Use

1.  Reduce the temp on your water heater (free).  Down one notch or down to 120°F.

2.  Unplug vampire chargers (free).

Anything that displays an LED is constantly drawing electricity.  Unplug vampires when gadgets are fully charged.

3.  Raise the a/c temp on the thermostat a couple of degrees (free).

PGE recommends keeping your a/c thermostat on 78°F during the summer time. 

Open up the house when it cools off outside & let room fans circulate the cooler air.  Fans use less energy.

If 78°F is too uncomfortable, raise the a/c by just a degree or two.

4.  Eat dinner before it gets dark (free).

5.  Run the dishwasher before 10 a.m. 
or after 8 p.m. during non-peak hours (free).

6.  Set the refrigerator temp to 38°F (free).

7.  Clean the refrigerator coils (free).

Dust & lint on the coils in back of your fridge cause the refrigerator to work harder & use more electricity.  Use a dust buster or vac attachment to suck up the lint.  

Repeat every 6 months.

8.  Rinse off the dryer vent once a month to keep dryer sheet residue from building up (free).

9.  Monitor your daily energy consumption using the power company's website (free).

In California, go to PGE My Energy & set up an account.  

In Nevada, go to Nevada Energy Smart Tools.

10.  Hang laundry out to dry (under $10).

Dryer usage accounts for 6% of your total household electricity use.

Use indoor racks for individual items.  Hang a clothesline for larger loads.

If you don't like the stiffness of hang drying, start drying on the line & finish off in the dryer.

In Denmark, my daughter uses the dryer only for comforters and pillows.

11.  Watch less TV (free).  Schedule your TV watching time.

12.  Put your devices to sleep at night & when not in use (free).

13.  Use daylight for office lighting.  Open the shades & use daylight in your office (free).

14.  Turn off outdoor porch lights (free).  Use outdoor lighting only when needed.

 15.  Shave a minute off of shower time!  (Free & fun!)

Most of these tips are free, and we are doing all of them.  We reduced our electric bill by 56% last month.  This month, we are running in the lowest tier of usage every day.  

Even if you choose to do only 1 of these things, you will notice a difference in your power bill.  

Wednesday is Earth Day 2015!

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