Monday—Happy Smigus Dyngus Day!

My kind of holiday!  Celebrated on the day after Easter

polka illustration by dsmp

Smigus Dyngus Day (shming-oos-ding-oos)

✓  Let's Polka!

✓  Sprinkle water on someone you love
✓  Be kind to roosters
✓  Get spanked with pussy willow branches
✓  Wear a bear costume and a bell on your head
✓  Give away Easter eggs
✓  Sing a Dyngus song like this one...

Your duck has told me
That you've baked a cake;
Your hen has told me
She's laid you a basket and a half of eggs;
Your cow has told me 
that you've churned some butter,
Give me something, if only some bacon!
Who will not be generous today?
Let him not count on going to Heaven

Have a Dyngus Week!

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