Saturday Finances—Personal Budgeting Software:

Complete budgeting software for managing your money & IT'S FREE

Take advantage of good financial management tools

Showing Your Money Who's Boss

STEP 1:  Good Tools

Click HERE to check out

Here's what it does:

  • It gathers all of your personal information into one user-friendly, secure website 
  • You connect your bank account(s), credit cards & bills
  • It crunches your data & tells you what you have & what you owe
  • It tracks your spending patterns, savings & investments
  • It provides a realistic & easy-to-understand budget, based on your financial stats
  • It provides you with 20 kinds of reminders & alerts, from bill paying and late fees to unusual spending and running over-budget
  • It provides a weekly summary of your spending, broken out into spending categories
  • It categorizes your transactions & provides spending details, e.g. ATM withdrawl broken down into cash & transaction fee; or, buying different things all in the same place, i.e. clothing & groceries
  • You get a free credit report within
  • You get really great blog posts on consumer IQ, financial planning, saving & everyday spending, e.g. "A Dude's Guide to Not Going Broke During Wedding Season," & "Sun, Surf and Savings: Summer Travel on the Cheap." 
  • It's FREE to set up!
  • Available as a mobile app for mobile devices Does Everything You 
Don't Want to Do & Don't Have Time For

This is a great place to start learning & taking control of your finances.  It's all about the numbers.  

So, go set it up...
Then, we'll talk about Step 2: Debt

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