Wednesday: Good For You, Good for The Home—My New Clothesline!

An Act of Green!  Clothes really do smell better when they're dried on the line

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic All Weather Rotary Clothesline 

$118 on AmazonSmile Prime

2 loads of laundry hung out to dry

Cool rotary spin pole

Pardon my underpants

It's been a long time since I've hung laundry.  

Boy, it felt great to do it again!  We are drastically lowering our gas bil, and more importantly, making good on an Act of Green pledge.  

What's Cool About This Clothesline?

  • It comes with a bracket that you drive into the ground, then the pole pops right in & is ready to use.  You can purchase additional brackets to place elsewhere around your property so that you can move your line as the seasons change.
  • It rotates with the wind.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • It comes with a cover for storage.
  • It arrived in 2 days from Amazon.
  • It's made in Lithuania!

Are Line-dried Clothes Stiff?

Yes & no...but mostly yes.  Some of the towels & washcloths were pretty crunchy, but some weren't, so I guess it depends on the material.  All of my linens are 100% cotton.  The solution is to hang the towels on the line until almost dry, then run them in the dryer for 5 or 10 minutes to soften them up.
Steve's work shirts & pants were semi-starched.  The stiffness actually worked in their favor. 

Underpants & socks...not a noticeable difference. 

Is a Clothesline Déclassé?

Most of us grew up with a clothesline, and for some, it was a sign of the being stuck in the working class.  Well, not anymore.  For one thing, new designs have streamlined and updated the traditional look so that modern clotheslines are sleek and efficient.  

More importantly, clotheslines really do help the environment, and that is an uber-classy thing to do these days.

The Great Outdoors! 

Once our clothesline was up, a resident scrub jay decided that it was his new favorite perch.  He seemed to enjoy sitting on one of the highest brackets.  

Today, the black deer family checked it out and gave it their antlers-up.  They were very curious, staring and prancing closer and closer.  First the mom, followed by the 2-year old, then the yearling all trotted by happily toward the rose garden.   

It seemed like there were more butterflies fluttering around than usual.  And, I saw a big, fat, red ladybug resting on one of the towels.  

I loved hanging the wash yesterday morning.  Finches were tweeting, and the morning sun felt good.  It was early, and crickets hiding in the ivy along the creek were still chirping.  It reminded me of laundry in the Midwest when I was a kid.  Steve & I both remember the smell of cut grass and playing between rows of cool linens drying on the clothesline.  

  • There is something triumphant about switching to passive energy

  • And, something serene about watching laundry gently blowing in the breeze. 

i ❤︎ my clothesline  

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