Memorial Day 2015—Pix from Korea

My dad's pix from Korea, c. 1952  


Who took these photos?

My dad mentioned that one of the guys in his unit was an aerial photographer.  There are several large original aerial prints in his album.  The quality of the B&W film & the camera shots are so good that I think that his photographer buddy probably took them.  

I rephotographed the originals with my iPhone; edited them in Snapseed on my phone; sent them by email to my laptop; saved each one into iPhoto; edited each one again for cropping, clarity & sharpness; then, posted all of them to my blog.  

My dad's photography buddy would be amazed at the technology we have today.  No film.  No developing.  Non-destructive editing in our phones.  Immediate sharing on social media with custom privacy controls.  

The album below is a black lacquered padded cover with in-laid Mother-of-Pearl and embossed gold paint.  It is bound with silk braid.  The beautiful iridescent liner paper changes color depending on the light.  Each page is black archival quality, and each photo is secured on black corner mounts.  This book was probably a gift to my dad from the photographer.       

The cover of my dad's photo album

Liner page from my dad's photo album
The paper is actually cream color & more like the white side

Rey Jones_nicknamed "Nines"_17 years old

The base where he was stationed

372nd Bomb SQON
Click HERE for more info on the 372nd Bombardment Squadron
Sitting on the tail of a B-29 Superfortress

At work_giant caliber ammo

Loading gear for paratroopers
My dad is the one holding the pistol.
 It looks like the commander is wearing a sidearm.
The man in the dark suit is a chaplain saying a prayer for the men.
The soldier next to my dad is praying.  He appears to be wearing one of the helmets,
which has been removed from the packs on the ground.  He was
probably one of the troopers on that flight.

Working on a bomber

Loading a machine gun into a turret

In his bunk

Reading at night (before the Computer Age)

Great selfie (before smart phones) & a girly photo

Lookin' all GQ with his squadron buddy

"Far East Air Force" (FEAF) HQ
Check out the old cars!
My dad is on the right, one of the 3 guys walking out of the building.

There are 2 shots of this tree, so it must be a well known monument.
We saw a banyan tree like this in Hana, Maui

A spectacular park
Love the white goose overhead

A street trolley c. 1952

Family day at the park
Love the pelican fountains!

Lovely friend

A young mother & her sweet kids
I want to snuggle them

Darling Korean girl

Back yard clothesline

beautiful girl
love the flowers in her hair

Have a peaceful Memorial Day

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