Sunday—Amazon ECHO

Check out this awesome new gadget from Amazon

Amazon Echo
cloud connected voice-activated information system

we call her "Alexa"

This cool light display at the top means that she is responding

$199 on Amazon_$149 on Amazon Prime

Amazon Echo's wake word "Alexa"

she learns your preferences & add functionality

make a shopping list using voice-only

play any type of music using voice request only

listen to 360° omni-directional audio

set up your own playlists

ask for traffic & weather updates (e.g. what's the weather in Berlin right now?)

ask for distance or travel info

ask about tickets for any event

set an alarm

clarify measurements (e.g. how many teaspoons in a cup?)

do the math

ask for sports statistics & scores

get details on a current event

ask any wikipedia question

interface controls with other home systems (e.g. dim the lights, turn on a lamp, turn on a heater...)

This thing is awesome

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