Sunday—Our Eggy House Guest

Steve found this little egg on the deck...

Meet Eggy

Lost eggy

This house finch egg may have been the survivor of a raid by scrub jays.  We searched all around and couldn't find the nest.  

It was still warm, so we gave it a temporary home inside of a tiny Santa hat.

The hat is the topper to a Santa wine jacket

I ordered an incubator and an egg candler from Amazon which will arrive on Tuesday (tomorrow). 

A cozy spot

Until then, Eggy will remain tucked into the tiny Santa hat in my homemade incubator—a shoebox on top of a heating pad set on low stuffed with a mohair scarf and covered with an afghan.  

It is a toasty 100°F inside with a little air vent to prevent overheating.  Eggy gets turned every couple of hours.

I will candle the egg in a couple of days to see if I can find a heartbeat or a swirling embryo.  

Until then...we have an house guest. 

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