Wednesday—Good For You, Good for The Home: How to Start a Ginger Plant

Grow this fragrant Hawaiian plant at home

Start with A Root

A ginger rhizome

1.  Purchase a firm, fresh 4" ginger root at the grocery store.  Make sure that it has a few eye buds.

2.  Soak it for about 12 hours in water at room temp or in warmish water.  I put mine in a shallow dish of water on the window sill.

3.  Fill an 8" - 10" diameter garden pot with loose, compost-rich planting soil.  Make sure that the pot has good drainage in the bottom.  Poor drainage will cause root rot.    

4.  Break up the root into 2 even pieces.  Make sure that each piece has an eye bud.  

For a larger piece of ginger, use a larger size pot (12" - 14")  & break it into 3 even pieces.  

5.  Space the pieces evenly with the eye buds facing up & cover with 1" of soil.

6.  Place the pot on a drainage dish in a lightly shaded area with a temperature of 75-85°F away from drafts.

7.  Water lightly until shoots begin to appear, then water regularly to keep the soil moist, but not soaked.  

8.  The plant will grow to maturity at 2 to 4 feet high in 10-12 months.  

9.  Let it dry out and stay dormant during the cool winter months.  When the weather warms up in the Spring, start light watering to begin a new growth cycle.  The dry season & the shorter daylight cycles produce new rhizomes in the Spring.  

10.  Give the plant 3 to 4 months during the growing season before harvesting any of the rhizomes.  Then, dig up the sprouts that appear in front of the main plant & either replant the rhizomes or use them for cooking.  

Collect the main harvest after the plant's foliage dies.  A ginger plant may take up to 8 months to reach harvest time.  Leave the main plant in the pot for the next growing season.  


•  This plant is native to hot Asian countries & does not like temps below 50°F.  Bring it inside during the cold weather.  Ideal temps are 75 - 85°F.   

•  Do not plant in direct sunlight.  Ginger likes shaded indirect sunlight.  

•  Ginger does not like wind.  Plant in a sheltered area out of the wind.  

•  Fancier varieties can be ordered through tropical nurseries on Amazon.


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