Tuesday's Cupboard—To Spiralize or Not to Spiralize

My first attempt with a spiralizer

Sweet Potato Carbonara



I like noodles, I really do!  But, I kinda hate my spiralizer.  See, here's the problem...I like things that make my life easier.  My spiralizer failed in that regard.  In fact, my spiralizer made me swear...and sweat—a lot.  

The recipe was good, but to tell you the truth, a plateful of sweet potato spirals is like having nothing but sweet potato fries for dinner.  A heaping plate of healthy whole-grain pasta in yummy sauce, no problem.  A heaping pile of sweet potatoes tossed in the same delicious carbonara sauce...not same.

Four Hands are Better Than Two

It's just a mess to describe all of the things that were impractical about this freaking device (I'm trying very hard not to swear...).  Let's start with the catch tray.  Here it is:

1" deep
If I were designing a catch tray for gathering big, rolling piles of spiralized vegetables, I would be thinking of a bowl, or perhaps a basin.  Maybe, a wheelbarrow.  Not a 1" high shallow POS tray.  

Then, there's the fact that in order to spiralize some vegetables—like bastardic sweet potatoes, for instance—you'll need a kitchen assistant and an extra pair of hands. 

Since my cats were nowhere in sight because of all the swearing, I recruited Steve to hold the #@!F! thing down and keep the pressure going on the pusher that shoves the vegetable through the exposed razor-sharp blade while I used one hand to turn the SOB sweet potato whenever it got stuck and the other to crank the plastic handle that felt like it was going to snap if I forced it beyond the 10-seconds when it actually worked.  

I am not a fan of the spiralizer.  

I'll try it again, but I'm not looking forward to a dinner-size mound of zucchini cleverly disguised as spaghetti.  It was a challenge to keep the 4" high mass of raw sweet potato spirals in my largest extra-deep nonstick skillet.  That ticked me off.

As an experienced cook, it drove me crazy that this frickin' gadget was tightly suctioned to the countertop while I was trying to chop onions & bacon.  I move things around a lot while I'm cooking, so it was pretty inconvenient to have the spiralizer fused to the countertop.  Also, clean-up was a #%*!! pain!  

Enough Ranting

I wanted to love my spiralizer!!  I really did.  But, it's a toy and not at all practical when it comes to convenience and efficient design.  I'll try it again and see if we get along any better than my first attempt.  

I do like trying new things!  

One can only hope.

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