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A great hack for deleting bulk email from your iPhone4

How to Remove 10 Gazillion Emails from your iPhone4 All At Once

Oh, yeah...

Originally posted by shahbasharat on MacRumors 15 March 2012

I have an iPhone4, and I still love it.  It's little, it fits into all of my pockets, it takes great pix, and it does everything that I want it to do, except for one really annoying oversight by the system designers...

It's not easy to delete my backlog of daily emails all at once.  

So this guy, shahbasharat, posted a hack on that worked like a charm on my iPhone4.

From his post:
  • Open Inbox > Edit
  • Select Mark All Read
  • Open inbox again > Edit > Check /click the top message.  This will highlight the MOVE button at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap & hold the MOVE button.  
  • While continuing to hold MOVE, tap the selected message a second time to de-select it.
  • Release all buttons & lift your fingers off the pad
  • Now, you should see the mailboxes selection screen
  • Click TRASH and your email will fly into the trash!
  • You can leave your email in the trash & let it delete over time, or you can select the Trash mailbox > Edit > Delete All

For questions &/or troubleshooting, check the forum discussion on MacRumors.  This hack may or may not work on later versions of the iPhone. 

The first time I tried this, I couldn't get the MOVE button to highlight.  So, I clicked on MARK ALL to unread all of the messages & started over from Edit.  Then, it worked. 

For another version from CBS MoneyWatch by Dave Johnson (2012), click HERE

Remove Email After One Day
Check out this good video & adjust your settings to remove your email "after one day." 

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