Throw-Back Thursday—Vintage Style

Pix from my grandmother Pearle's collection

Vintage Style

1920s Deco

The age of Victorian beauty and modern industry...

Silk ribbons & layers of organza

Eva Jones, my great aunt_8th Grade Graduation
The latch-key hem reflects the industrial theme of Deco style 

Scarab beetles & gold

This is the cover of the photo above.
The popularity of Egytian style began with the discovery of
King Tut's tomb in 1922

1960s Space Age

Uther & Pearle Jones, my grandparents
Seattle World's Fair 1962
My grandparents embraced all things modern, so it is not surprising that they were at the Seattle World's Fair in 1962.  

They were always stylish.  My grandfather in his creased wool slacks, top-buttoned shirt and cool aviator glasses.  My grandmother in her flattering-length, blue tailored dress with double-button jacket and top-clasp handbag.  

Contemporary style at the Century 21 Exposition. 

Have a stylish weekend!

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