Friday Photoshop Gallery—Original Textures from My Pix

Photoshop textures created from my original pix_2B Lesson #29 Let's Make Some Textures by Kim Klassen

4 new textures

4 new textures created from my pix

created from...old walls in Pioche

Old plastered wall_Pioche, Nevada_26 May 2007
This might be the outside wall of the old jail

Old painted wall_Pioche, Nevada_Memorial Day 2007
A section of wall from the Opera House

my way...

The Overland is the name of the hotel on Main Street.

The 7L Ranch was the name of the winter grazing land
where my great-grandfather Olinghouse kept their cattle.

The 8-Mile Ranch was the home where my grandma Pearle grew up.
It was 8 miles out of town.

The majority of graves on Boot Hill in Pioche belong to
ruffians & bad guys.  Most of these graves are unmarked.

dsmp BootHill texture applied to my photo
These are Roses of Sharon that fell from our bushes

Have a fantastic week!

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