Saturday Finances—The Correction We've All Been Waiting For

An earthquake & a stock market correction all in one week!  

"Hold Onto Your Butts..."  ~Ray Arnold, Chief Engineer_Jurassic Park

A 10% drop in the stock market
is a "correction"

At the close of market yesterday...

  • DIJA:  16,459.75  -530.94  (-3.12%)
  • NASDAQ:  4,706.039  -171.448  (-3.52%)
  • S&P 500:  1,970.89  -64.84  (-3.19%)

  • DSMP (dontstealmypen):  -2.65%

What I did:  Built up my cash positions before the correction (everybody knew it was coming) & bought new stocks at lower prices.

What I will be doing this weekend:  Picking solid, long-term, bear-happy stocks to buy on Monday.

Good luck & happy hunting!

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