Sunday—Saving Six Companies Hospital

Why I think the historic Six Companies hospital is worth saving

Six Companies Hospital > Boulder City Hospital

It started with a BIG vision of the future...

Signing of the Six Companies contract_April 1931

1931 Surveyors_Future site of Boulder City, Nevada

Aerial view_Future home of Boulder City, Nevada

Future construction site of Boulder City, Nevada 1931

for the workers...

Worker transports to the dam
Dam workers collecting pay 1931

Ragtown residents_dam workers 1931

Government tents_Colorado River_Black Canyon 1931

U.S. Marshall checkpoint into Boulder City 1931

and their families...

Tent homes 1931

Mothers with children

Donna May Brown (4) & Betty Lea Brown (3)
Ragtown_13 August 1931

Men bringing water to Ragtown settlement_Black Canyon 1931

Edith Powell_first woman resident of Boulder City
in front of her tent home

who were fed...

Anderson dining hall 1931

Food being delivered to tent families 1931

and cared for...

Six Companies Hospital under construction 1931

Six Companies Hospital under construction 1931

A patient in Six Companies Hospital 1931
Originally, the hospital treated only the men who worked on the dam

and provided with homes...

First homes in Boulder City

Homes under construction in Boulder City
18 April 1931

A family home 1931

and roads...

A road under construction in Boulder City
10 April 1931

and a city was born...

Green Hut Cafe 1932
Became Harry's Diner > currently the Coffee Cup

Grace Community Church on Wyoming Street_1933

Boulder City airport TWA terminal & men on horses_1930s
Armistice Parade 1939

Boulder City Company Store 1932 thank those who helped the nation & built Hoover Dam.

The wedding of Minnie "Ma" Kennedy & Guy "Whataman" Hudson
at Observation Point overlooking the Hoover Dam site
19 September 1931

Hoover Dam intake towers 1935

Save The Hospital

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