Tuesday's Cupboard—Thanksgiving Rehearsal

From the cover of Weight Watchers Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

A Harvest Dinner

Fresh sage, parsley, thyme & chives

classic herb roasted turkey
cornbread stuffing with sausage
maple-roasted parsnips & carrots
lemony brussel sprouts
orange cranberry sauce
rich turkey gravy

classic pumpkin pie
whipped cream

Start with a 10-12 lb. turkey
I like Diestel turkeys from Whole Foods

Fresh lemon zest & lemon juice
Combine with unsalted butter & herbs
to baste the turkey under the skin as it roasts

Easy-peasy cornbread-sausage stuffing with
corn & fresh sage baked in a casserole

Cranberries with orange zest, orange juice, agave & cinnamon

Crispy parsnips

Gorgeous heirloom baby carrots

Roasted root veggies with maple syrup, Dijon mustard & thyme

Brussel sprouts & sliced mini-bell peppers tossed in
sour cream, garlic, and fresh lemon—topped with toasted breadcrumbs

Add gravy made from pan juices, white wine & giblet broth...

Dinner is served.


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