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The Saturday Trust—The D-Word

Why end-of-life planning is not a priority
I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.  --Woody Allen

Life Expectancy
One hundred years ago (1915), the average life expectancy for a women was 56.8 years. The average man could expect to die before his 53 birthday.  Fast forward to now (2015), and the average woman can expect to live until she is 81.4 years old.  Men on average can expect to die five years sooner, around the age of 76.4.  As a 57 year old woman, I can expect to live between 24 and 28 more years, based on current National Vital Statistics life expectancy data.
Fact #1:  We are all going to die.

If we all know that death is imminent, then why is there a resistance to discussing important end-of-life decisions?  Let's start with some of the casual dialogue I've heard over the past year...   "You're waiting for me to die."  "They want a piece of my will."  "Let my kids worry about it!"  "They don'…