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The Saturday Trust—Name Your Beneficiary

Pay attention!  This is super important...

5 Beneficiary Form Mistakes to Avoid
Re: Insurance Annuties & Individual Retirement Accounts
Read this great article by on the importance of naming your beneficiary(ies).

"Otherwise capable and intelligent people don't always do proper estate planning because they don't want to address their own mortality."  
--Joel Larsen, Certified Financial Planner

I can tell you from personal experience that it is vitally important to update the beneficiaries on your insurance and retirement accounts every time that there is a major life event, i.e. death of a beneficiary, a remarriage or a divorce.  

After his wife passed away, my dad tried to remove her name as a beneficiary from his 5-year select annuity life insurance policy, but the insurance company made it exceedingly difficult to complete the process.  He mailed in the form, but they said that it never arrived. So, he faxed it to them and confirmed that it was received,…