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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday—Puppy Bowl Day!

Woof!  Check out Puppy Bowl XI

PUPPY BOWL XI on Animal Planet

My annual favorite tradition on Super Bowl Sunday
Photo by Puppy Bowl on facebook
Get your dose of puppy cuteness on facebook

Now go to the Pregame Show!

Check out the starting line-up...

Pudge_Team Ruff_Chihuahua Mix
Photo by Keith Baraclough /Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

Sassy_Team Fluff_Poodle Mix
Photo by Keith Baraclough /Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

Scarlet_Team Ruff_Doberman Pinscher
Photo by Keith Baraclough /Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

Watch for the kitten half-time show, the cat skybox, the tailgate party & the hamster wheel scoreboard.

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday—Kitten Bowl Day!

Check out Kitten Bowl II on the Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel Kitten Bowl

Agility, speed & cuteness required.  It's on right now!  Serious adorableness.  

Good Witch Wildcats
NorthPole Panthers
Hallmark Channel Hearties
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Mountain Lions

See them on facebook

Kitten Bowl Goal /Clawing Post__photo by Kitten Bowl
Check out this sweet line-up!

My pick for MVP...Tortie Nelson from the NorthPole Panthers

Loves fish tacos!  ::::purr:::::Official Kitten Bowl player profile

Guest Commentator:  Regis Philbin

Exciting game commentary by John Sterling & Mary Carillo

Added Extra Interruptions by Mario Lopez

Commissioner of the FFL (Feline Football League):  Boomer Esiason

Animal Rescue Commentator:  Kevin Nealon

Photo by Kitten Bowl on facebook