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Sunday—International Women's Day 2015

8 March 2015_An international day of observance to honor the contributions of women throughout history

Why Women Still Aren't Equal

...and why I'm still pissed off about it

We learn early that men are recognized throughout their lives more often than women.We learn early that men are expected to achieve more than women (more money, better jobs).Qualities that are considered leadership in men are seen as negative personality traits in women.It is still common for young women just starting out in their careers to be pursued romantically in the workplace.Young women are expected to tolerate sexual innuendo & inappropriate social behaviors from male coworkers and supervisors even in countries where progressive companies claim to honor equality in the workplace.Age discrimination against women in the workplace is rampant and still tolerated as a reason not to hire a woman.  Women have to dress-down in the workplace in order to avoid being labeled unprofessional.Women who don't…