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Tuesday's Cupboard—Spring Vegetable Soup with Orzo

From Weight Watchers Online

My alterations:

I bulked up the veggies by adding whole packages of ingredients... I added 2 additional cups of water  I zested the lemon & added about 1-1/2 tablespoons of zest in addition to the 2 T. of lemon I used a 10 oz. package of shredded carrots instead of 1 chopped carrotI used a 12 oz. package of frozen peas in place of 1 cup of frozen peasI used a 3 oz. package of pre-chopped green onions in place of 4 scallionsI used a .66 oz. package of fresh dill instead of 1/3 c. chopped fresh dillI sliced up one bunch of asparagus, about 2 cups total, instead of 1-1/2 cups of asparagusI cooked it in a slow cooker on HIGH for 1.5 hours

Spring Vegetable Soup with Orzo
1 serving = 2 cups (2 points per 1 c. serving) Add points for a slice of French bread & a slice of Harvarti 
8 cups chicken broth2/3 cup uncooked ORZO1—10 oz. bag of shredded carrots1 bunch of asparagus (about 2 cups), cleaned & sliced diagonally (remove the tough white ends)1—1…