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Good For You, Good for The Tiny Home

Living light on the land with a small (100-400 square feet) footprint

The Tiny Island Life

I'm Liking This Golden Oldie Plan

1.  Pay off the Mother Ship

2.  Sell the Mother Ship 

3.  Buy land in Hawaii with an ocean view 
     •  preferably in biking distance to a poke shack

4.  Build a Tesla-powered self-sustaining small house
     •  Minimum size for residential zoning
     •  Plus, a Tiny House (100-400 square feet)
     •  His & Hers & Sometime Visitors (1 for us, 1 for guests)

5.  Smell the plumeria & learn how to surf
6.  Keep a mainland condo until we get too old to travel

ATiny HouseWith Big Views

Life Simplified.Declutter and simplify our lives.  

Tiny HouseFAQs

Bestie RowLifelong friends build self-sustaining, modern tiny houses in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas

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