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Monday—The Noisetrade Corner

Be a mensch and leave a tip for the artists you enjoy  


A free book & music marketing platform based on trading content for contacts


Musicians want to share their work, and social media can help with that.  Customers browse through the albums, sample the songs, and either download or share on Facebook &/or Twitter for free.  I shared on Facebook, which did not require me to set up an account.  

If you select the download, you share your email address & zip code, which puts you on their list of contacts.  This builds an online audience for the artist, and keeps you in the loop relative to the emerging musicians you like.  

It's user-friendly, the selections are good, and everybody wins.  I like the convenient linkies, e.g. the band's official website, iTunes, and their booking/manager/PR contacts.  So, this contact thing works both ways.  

Boy, it's slick!


Again, a ton of choices starting with genres.  And, I love that we're all saving paper an…