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Tuesday's Cupboard—To Spiralize or Not to Spiralize

My first attempt with a spiralizer

Sweet Potato Carbonara


I like noodles, I really do!  But, I kinda hate my spiralizer.  See, here's the problem...I like things that make my life easier.  My spiralizer failed in that regard.  In fact, my spiralizer made me swear...and sweat—a lot.  

The recipe was good, but to tell you the truth, a plateful of sweet potato spirals is like having nothing but sweet potato fries for dinner.  A heaping plate of healthy whole-grain pasta in yummy sauce, no problem.  A heaping pile of sweet potatoes tossed in the same delicious carbonara sauce...not same.

Four Hands are Better Than Two

It's just a mess to describe all of the things that were impractical about this freaking device (I'm trying very hard not to swear...).  Let's start with the catch tray.  Here it is:

If I were designing a catch tray for gathering big, rolling piles of spiralized vegetables, I would be thinking of a bowl, or perhaps a basin.  Maybe, a wheelbarrow.  Not a 1&qu…