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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Anniversary #35!

Pix from our honeymoon to the Grand Canyon North Rim via Zion National Park & Yosemite on the way home

Honeymoon Advice to Anyone Who Is Thinking About Getting Married

Avoid cheap motels on your wedding night.  Seriously, we  had our pick of any honeymoon suite in Las Vegas, and we picked the Travel Lodge on the way out of blew.  It really did!

Make your wedding night memorable and don't believe anyone who tells you that you can make up for it later.  Think of it this way.  It's worth returning every crap kitchen appliance & irregular set of bath towels you'll get as a wedding gift.

35 years ago, our little cabin at the North Rim cost $79 a night.  Even if you don't have a lot to spend, you can have a perfect honeymoon.  

You only get one wedding night.  Make it magical.

Don't put it off.  There is nothing like the newlywed high immediately following the ceremony.  Every married couple remembers the pure joy of referring to your new partner as "husband" or "wife," especially the day after the ceremony.  It's pretty amazing.  But, it's not the same if you put it off for 3 months.  That's what anniversaries are for.    

Go for it.  Find a place that is all about you & own it.  Make it your honeymoon and don't worry about well-meaning in-laws, wise grandparents, or buttinski friends.  Ignore them.  Offend them (hey, you gotta start sometime).  Don't worry about THEM.  There is no substitute for a honeymoon immediately following the ceremony.  If you have a choice, it is worth the effort to make it happen.

TIP WELL.  Leave the maid $10 /day every day on your honeymoon.  This will guarantee that your room will get cleaned on time, and you'll get special treatment from the maids.  

Use a bellman to show you to your room.  Tip $20.

Tip the service people:  

  • table servers 20%
  • Valets whenever they park your car (drop-off & pickup) $3-$5 each time!  Don't be a cheapskate hick on this.  These people work hard for their money.
  • Have lots of 5s & 10s before you leave

Take good pix.  That "just married" glow is something special.  

Leave your gadgets at home.  No explanation necessary.

Our Honeymoon
steve, troi, bridesmaids brooke & heidi + brooke's boyfriend, kenny
still at the reception (notice the classy paper bells in the corner...)
Handsome father-of-the-groom, Jim, and adorable niece, Rebecca

the buggy windshield of our (yellow) Honda Civic

on the road to the Grand Canyon

the Grand Canyon Lodge 

Our cabin

we arrived!

Tired, but happy.

a little heart in the cabin wall

an overcast day on the north rim

glorious sunset


a stunning sunrise

technicolor canyon

the mule ride down the trail to the bottom of the canyon

another stunning morning

steve's mule, Clark
my mule, Rosie
a beautiful morning on the edge of the canyon

we bought cowboy hats at the lodge

on the way back to the bay area via yosemite

celebrating love today