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Tuesday's Cupboard—Crab Cali Roll Salad

Use imitation crab in this fab summer salad!  It's gluten-free

Crab California Roll Salad from Trans Ocean Products
prep time:  10 minutes | serves 2

Ingredients 1 8-oz. package Trans Ocean Crab Classic, flake-style2 cups cooked brown rice, seasoned with rice vinegar2 avocados, cut up; set aside 1/2 cup for topping1 cucumber, semi-peeled (in strips) & chopped
mixed greens or fresh baby spinach1 cup mixed red & yellow cherry tomatoes 3 T. rice vinegar, plus a few shakes to season the rice3 T. Kikkoman Ponzu lime citrus-seasoned dressing1 T. sesame oil2 T. pickled gingerfreshly cracked black pepper

Make it! Cook the rice as directed; season with a few shakes of rice vinegar; let coolBreak crab into bite-sized pieces; cut up, if necessaryIn a large bowl, toss rice, crab, cucumbers & avosArrange greens on plates; divide crab mixture evenlyTop with chopped avocadosWhisk together 3 T. of rice vinegar + 3 T. Ponzu sauce + 1 T. sesame oilDrizzle vinaigrette over salads; add extra avos …