pen rainbow

Thursday, October 15, 2015

throw-back thursday—yesteryear's costumes

Awesome old-timey halloween costumes 

5 boys 1890

5 boys & a lady (possibly a teacher)_lexington, oklahoma
(transcendental graphics/getty)

witches 1910

the all-time classic

ghost 1905


skeleton 1935

a halloween version of dorothy from the wizard of oz
love her shoes & ankle socks
(hulton archive/getty)

candelabra 1930

a slick candelabra costume
pageant of the superstitions, london

kids 1969

store-bought classics
seacrest elementary schoool_arvada, colorado
(denver post via getty)

farmhouse halloween, early 1900s

clowns, pioneers & a soldier
(transcendental graphics/getty)

omaha 1966

(left to right)
brookie jones, chrissy stokes, heidi jones, teresa stokes, one of the youngbluff kids (?), 

troi jones, vicki thatcher

(left to right)
(back row) cousin it, brookie jones, youngbluff girl clown, lone ranger, jeanie ennega, mike taylor (?), the other mike
or andy bajorski (?) todd thatcher (?), hobo, jimmy stokes, tom barrett (?), peter pan
(front row) chrissy stokes, troi jones, heidi jones, mason jones, bret barrett,
vicki thatcher, youngbluff clowns (?), teresa stokes