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A financial novice navigating in a choppy market

The Not-So-Big Surprise
The highly anticipated September interest rate hike did not happen.  China was wonky, so it made sense.  And, we're still waiting.  Maybe this month...maybe by December.  Everyone is expecting a hike of around +0.25%.
The Market Tightened, Anyway The market tightened because investors are building up their cash positions.The market tightened because the cost of oil per barrel is still lower than the cost of production for unconventional sources like shale.  Higher production costs mean less fracking & drilling.  (A little less fracking & drilling won't kill us.)The market tightened because China was busy devaluing the yuan in an orderly Chinese manner.  That means selling off foreign exchange reserves, like U.S. Treasuries and bonds, which leads to less liquidity in the Chinese market, but it's okay!  The Chinese have it under control.
A Trotting Bull The charging bull we've all been gleefully r…