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Preservation Monday—The Little Town That Couldn't

Corruption in Boulder City, Nevada, wins again.

And, no one will do anything about it.

This Wednesday, the Boulder City Planning Commission will go through the motions of hearing an appeal by the Historic Boulder City Foundation to save the historic Six Companies hospital from demolition.  

The HBCF, founded by a young man with visionary ideas, will be represented by a classmate of mine from high school, an appellate lawyer who volunteered to help the organization for the same reasons that Steve and I—and many others, did.  It was a worthy cause, and a land swap was under discussion.

I would not have wasted my time with a local skirmish.  Boulder City had joined the historic preservation movement, and there was growing concern among its community leaders that one of the town's most historically significant buildings was about to be bulldozed and replaced by a dozen new nondescript homes, the  kind we see on every corner of every unimaginative new development in Las Vegas.  

For those w…